A Wonderful Gift

" My purpose is to teach those who've dreamt of playing this lovely instrument, but never got a chance to do so. I wish to make their dreams come true! "
- Parteesh Kalla

Beginner Videos


Welcoming you'all to my channel. Hope you enjoy!

Good Guitars in my Budget

A lot of people ask me, which Guitars to go for. Watch this video to get a list of options!

Parts of Guitar

What are the parts of a Guitar? How do you hold the Guitar to play it?

Exploring the Fretboard

Feeling each note on neck, and playing it with less tension on the fingertips

First Song on the Guitar

How to play your first song on the Guitar on just 1 string!

Explore The Guitar

Guitar is one of the most healing instruments in the world. Exploring the fretboard is a trip on its own. It’s magical when a guitar is strumming or its playing a melody. 

The music heals you and those around you and brings people together. Sudden outbursts of feel and joy are certain.

Upcoming Tours & Destination

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