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Guitar Practitioner & Healer

Parteesh started playing guitar when he was 11 years old. He was a studious kid at school. He pursued engineering, got a desk job, worked in IT for 5 years.

Well, Guess what then?

Parteesh wasn’t happy!

Parteesh loved music! Listening to what his heart had to say, He quit the Corporate in 2018 to pursue his dream of a full time Musician. While playing a few hundreds live gigs and nurturing about 400+ students, Parteesh started his Music School called “Muzikality“.

He now gives you the ability to heal yourself through the Guitar! 

If you love music and are under my wing, there is nothing that would stop you from playing Guitar. You are playing songs for Sure!
Parteesh, Muzikality.

Watch My Students Play:

Who do we cater to?

Guitar Lesson Programs for students of all Ages

I believe that anyone who has the will to learn Guitar, can play this lovely instrument with ease, so should. I provide you hand-in-hand mentoring and make sue that you play your favorite songs like you dreamt!

Children Guitar Lessons

My kids are killing it on Guitar, making parents and teachers proud, inspiring people around them. Some of these have become to be known as "child prodigies" in Guitar. You could find more about them below and in my testimonials.
If you’re looking for your kids to pick up Guitar as a hobby/passion that sets them apart from others in school/ neighbour /in the world, let me know. I have shaped around 300+ children musically and would love to make your kid one too!

The Youth

Music is one of the most important aspect of any teens life and for many, learning an instrument is a right of passage that will shape your identity as you grow up. Whether you just want to learn some of your favorite songs, want to kill it at your School music class or want to be the world's next Jimi Hendrix, I am here to take you there.

Corporate Professionals

We help Corporate Professionals release their unwind and self-heal through the power of music. With my special mentoring, the thoughts of worry go away and takes them into state of flow.
It is truly an unwinding + rewarding experience, when you're able to play your first song, that too in the first class.

You learn to play your first song in the first session itself, so you can already start performing for your friends or at a get together
Parteesh, Muzikality.
I'm here to make you the best musical version of you by skillfully weaving your dreams of playing guitar into this world
Parteesh, Muzikality.
See my li'l Rockstars who I've nurtured with all my heart. . .

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Muzikality started with a bunch of children who got to know about a teacher by word of mouth. The teacher knew how to get kids started on the instrument in an easy and interesting way . The teacher was Parteesh and the inception of his Guitar Army had begun!

Also, I happen to be a Top Tutor at Urban Pro

What They Say About Us

Let’s see what my students have to say me 

Customer's Rating
Teaches my son. I am very happy the way he takes every lesson. He is knowledgeable and understands how to bring out the best in my son. He knows how to work on his strength and weaknesses. In a word he is an amazing teacher.
Bonita Chatterjee
Parteesh is very effective in explaining things from scratch. He helped me understand music theory and to actually apply it on the fretboard in a really easy and engaging way. I would recommend learning from him to anyone a 100%.
Ved Pendsey
Parteesh is a different level Tutor, he will ensure that the student grows musically provided the student has the intent to learn and grow. Amazing Guitarist and an amazing musician himself, he makes a huge impact on the way you perceive Guitar learning. The work that he has done to get my son from being a beginner to a Pro in just 2 years is absolutely commendable.
I was literally as dumb as not knowing how to tune my guitar and Parteesh had been patient enough to help me under how to hold the guitar.. whats a pick.. what are strings and fretboard! I m still very amateur but i can proudly say i can with some practice try n be in tune all thanks to awesome person!! Still learning and long way to go!
Ellora Sengupta
He is excellent in teaching guitar and teaches in depth and is very clear in music concepts, he is very well versed with technical things about guitar, recommended for all age groups
Shakti Marhatta
Sir teaches patiently and though most of my classes were online, I learnt a lot. He is very enthusiastic about teaching and playing guitar. Surely would recommend.
"I've only had three classes with Parteesh sir and I found that he identifies what you want to learn and heads in that direction right away. Classes are very relaxed which creates a productive learning atmosphere. Just taking classes from him makes you want to keep playing!
Raveena ARORA
Parteesh is best in the town. He's very simple in character. He teaches very nicely. He's also very careful to give small tips that are easy to learn in ways that r easy to understand. He helped me start Guitar as a hobby and now I feel in a better place mentally. All thanks to him. All the best!
Very good teacher. My son learnt how to play guitar from scratch. Now it's been 1 year and he's killing it with his lead guitar playing.
Thank you for Parteesh . Your passion for teaching and your dedication to your students is obvious in everything you do. I feel so lucky to have been put into your class. I hope you know the priceless impact you are making in so many lives by teaching us the mode of love that’s music.
Had a great learning experience with pro skills, one can learn quickly and improvise. He is very helpful and guides very well